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EverBrite, A High-End Brand for Pigment Ink
EverBrite inks are professional, pigment-based ink solutions featured in most of G&G’s inkjet cartridges and ink bottles. The special formulation enables EverBrite to offer water-, smudge-, and fade-resistance results on a wider selection of papers.
Our Philosophy: Don’t Let the Memories Fade!
Look at this picture. This is Wikis family, Jeremy, Sarah, James, Anna and who’s that on the end? G&G EverBrite was born to produce durable prints. Our philosophy is don’t let the memories fade.
A Consoling Letter (Pingfu tie) by Lu Ji; Period: Western Jin dynasty (265–316) Medium: ink on paper
The Secret to EverBrite’s Durability: Pigment Plus Resin
Written over 1,700 years ago, A Consoling Letter is a letter by Lu Ji of the Western Jin period and is believed to be the oldest extant work of calligraphy by a well-known artist. The ink used in this letter is made of carbon pigment.
Scientists from Oregon State University and the Natural History Museum in London have announced the discovery of the oldest known fossil of a gecko, with body parts that are forever preserved in life-like form after 100 million years of being entombed in amber. Amber is the resin that contains insects.
G&G knows that if the resin is used to cover the pigment on the prints & writings, then for sure they will last a long long time. That’s the secret to EverBrite’s durability.
It’s Absolutely H₂OK.
EverBrite pigment ink is comprised of pigment particles suspended in the ink. It doesn’t smear even if they get wet because it is insoluble in water once applied to paper.
Smudges? EverBrite Won’t Let It Happen.
EverBrite uses a fast-drying ink formula so that the ink dries in when it’s printed on most paper surfaces. Just feel free to touch EverBrite prints right after printing and beyond. Don’t be fear of causing smudges. EverBrite won’t let it happen.
100 Years of Unfading Prints is No Joke.
EverBrite has outstanding fade-resistant properties due to the powerful combination of pigment and resin. With EverBrite, your precious memories will last for generations. According to G&G Lab data, Everbrite ink has a fade resistance rating up to 100 years under simulated environment.
Brilliant Results on Diverse Papers.
As the EverBrite pigment-based ink is insoluble, it delivers brilliant results not only on plain paper but also on special media including medical films and coated cards. With the flexibility to print on a variety range of media types, EverBrite is the ideal ink to satisfy your different needs.
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