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The demand for printing in the advertising industry is diversified. G&G business Inkjet cartridges can meet all your needs. Enjoy vibrant printing on brochures, business cards, flyers, invitations, letterhead, magazine covers, posters, certificates, resumes, menus, photo album covers and photo collages, etc.
Advertisement Also Needs "Anti-aging"
For long-term outdoor advertising and any form of advertising, excellent waterproof performance acts like a preservative. High-quality G&G Everbrite ink makes your posters waterproof, sun-proof, anti-corrosion, and not easy to fade.
Excellent Printing Effect Makes Advertising More Effective
Poor ink will weaken the performance of advertising, but high-quality color printing and clear text display can help deliver business information efficiently and accurately.
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“G&G’s products have played a big role in our studio. They can be applied in various places.”

Joewan Salihi, the Creative Director of Jox Creative Studio.
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