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Bring Convenience for Hospital Work
By delivering smooth printing experience and excellent printouts, those products provided convenience for both doctors and patients in the process of treatment.
Minimize Printing Cost for Large Volume Printing
Easily handle hospital daily printing of prescriptions, inspection reports, drug receipts and invoices. G&G extended-yield toner cartridges can reduce printing cost greatly without frequent replacement.
Deliver Excellent Quality Comparable to OEM
With clear imaging, complete reflection of every detail, and clearly stratified color areas, G&G consumables perform as well as the original products.
Label Printing Makes It Easy to Keep Track
Wristband label printer can be used to keep the state of patients, medicine and devices updated.
Recommended Products
Testimonial “From nearly one-year printing experience, we could fully see the excellent quality of G&G products.”
--- Yongjin Kim from the Medical Information Team of Jesaeng Hospital.
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