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Jesaeng Hospital Yongjin Kim, a member of Jesaeng Hospital Medical Information Team

 “From one-year printing experience, we could see the excellent quality of G&G products. They helped us to manage the hospital affairs by printing medical reports regarding diagnosis and treatment. It’s convenient to print and the printing results are very good. We also compared them with the original products we have used so far and found G&G’s cartridges perform as well as the original.”

Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Onder Ozsoysal, a professor at İstanbul Faculty of Medicine

“The print quality surprised us. We are happy to use G&G products when we need to print teaching materials. Up to now, the prints are flawless, and during the use, we never found any pesky problems.” 

“G&G didn't upset us at all. We are very busy due to the pandemic. By using its cartridges with long lifetime and reliable quality, we get more prints than usual at this intensity.”

Jox Creative Studio Joewan Salihi, the Creative Director of Jox Creative Studio

“G&G’s products have played a big role in our studio. They can be used in various places including making guest gifts for weddings, engagements, parties and other events. The various stickers attached with the gifts are printed using G&G’s consumables. We also use the consumables to print bank statements and receipts for bookkeeping. They helped us do our jobs in a more creative way.”

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