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Q. Ink used up warning when use a remanufactured cartridge

A.This should be the residual ink info in the chip is used up, click "confirm" in the window or press "ok" button on the printer

Q. It hints that the cartridge is used when use a remanufactured cartridge

A.This should be the residual ink info of OEM cartridge is kept in the chip, press “confirm” and go on printing.

Q. "Non HP supply in use" when use HP 932/ 950 series

A.This message may occur when you use remanufactured cartridge or cartridge with compatible chip, you can press “continue” to go on printing

Q. The printer indicates "ink out" after installation a remanufactured cartridge with print head.

A.There are some possible reasons as below,
1. The cartridge isn’t installed properly, pls reinstall.
2. The bad contact of metal tinsel in print head because of oxidation or loosening. Pls replace the print head.
3. Maybe you replace the inkjet cartridge when the power is off. Please turn on the printer and install the cartridge again, open the folder and then close it, and carry out the “nozzle cleaning procedure”.
4. The senor tinsel is not reset. Please take out the inkjet cartridge and reset the sensor tinsel, then install the inkjet cartridge
5. The inkjet cartridge isn’t replaced as procedures; pls replace it again properly according to procedures.
6. If it still doesn’t work after trying above solutions, possibly there is something wrong with the printer’s electronic memory. You need to delete the printer driver and reinstall the driver, then install the inkjet cartridge.

Q. Break lines

A.It's because air runs into the ink conduit or there is dirt in the printer head. You can carry on the "nozzle clean procedure" several times, or turn off the printer for several hours,or do the cleaning with cleaning cartridges

Q. The Nozzle Test is ok,but there are still break lines.

A.Please carefully check the nozzle test printout, you may find the picture is in disorder. This is because the printer head is deviated. You can use print head aligning tool in application tool once or several times until it's OK.

Q. Horizontal line appears in regular cycle

A.It's because the aging of print head. You have to change print head.

Q. If unreadable code occur on printout

A.There are several possible reasons,
1. Virus with printer. You need to reinstall device driver or restart computer or reinstall system;
2. Bad contact with data cable. Reconnect data cable or change a new data cable.
3. Device driver for printer is damaged. Remove the old device driver and reinstall.
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