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Ninestar: Big Winner in RT Media Global Imaging Awards


Ninestar received two awards in the 2017 RT Media Global Imaging Awards.


The company dominated the “Patent Achievement Award” for “rapidly moving into the leadership position of holding more patents as an aftermarket company with its portfolio of 3,650 worldwide patents”.

Ninestar also earned gold in the “Global Brand Award” for “successfully increasing its brand to industry”. While investing heavily into technology and IP, Ninestar’s brands were well recognized by customers. 

Surprisingly, Mr. Jackson Wang, the Chairman of Ninestar Corporation, was honored “Diamond Pioneering Award” for “his vision in this industry”. The company he founded, Ninestar Corporation, has become the largest supplier of aftermarket in this world, the first OEM printer manufacturer in China, and the acquirer of iconic global brands including Static Control Components and Lexmark, thus permanently altering the divide between OEM and the Aftermarket in the imaging industry.

* Mr. Daniel Hu received award on behalf of Mr. Jackson Wang.



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