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G&G held The 1st G&G European Distributor Convention in the Netherlands


G&G has held the 1st G&G European Distributor Conference and the company's 15th Anniversary Ceremony in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 5 June. Guests included officials from the Foreign Investment Agency of Utrecht Province, along with distributors from 19 European countries, totaling to 32 guests.


For 15 years, insisting on contributing products of the best quality to the market and creating value for agents, G&G Brand, which has always been keeping the principle of “work for the best image” thrives with print aftermarket.


In 2000, G&G was founded under the background of fast growth of global print aftermarket. G&G took the lead in breaking the original technical barriers, and the self-developed product — Air check valve patented technology, for the first time radically solved the problems of residual ink and break line, creating a new era of EPSON compatible cartridges at that time. Up to now, having more than 13 00 patent technologies and a strong patent team are two of the core advantages of Ninestar. At the conference, from the professional legal perspective, the lawyer explained the significance of patents to print aftermarket, along with the risks and problems of choosing partners to the clients.


We have also invited two honored guests for this conference. One of these guests is a veteran of print industry—Giovanni Giusti, who explained the value of print consumable industry brands and provided with suggestions of brands operation, firmed the agencies' confidence of sticking to brand value marketing. Frank Marguier, SAP solution manager, with everyone here, shared 'whole sale trends and challenges in 2015', a new internet marketing era under the international and industrial states change.


After 15 years development, the G&G sales have currently expanded to 36 countries and regions, and they have all shown strong development. In Greek, relied on the excellent brand image, stable quality and superior service, G&G repeatedly won the government and large enterprise bidding. In Bulgaria, G&G has topped the list of compatible cartridge brand accounting for the largest market, and according to incomplete statistics, it has made up 60% of the market. In Russia, becoming the preferred brand of large companies and banks; G&G is a recognized high-end compatible cartridge brand.

To honour the agents making contribution to the development of G&G, Nicestar held an award ceremony including four prizes: The Most Loyal Agent Award, The Outstanding Contribution Agent Award, The Best Brand Promotion Award, The Most Potential Agent Award. At the same time, 2015-2016 annual awards program has been launched to encourage and support all the agents to increase G&G brand promotion efforts in local market.

It is the 1st G&G European agent conference, at the conference , Ninestar European salas director and G&G sales manager Alex.Xiao released G&G strategic planning for next 3-5 years ,including focus of year 2015 to 2016 . The planning related to cooperation model ,sales channel ,product strategic and brand promotion .


It is not difficult to find from the planning ,Ninestar will more and more focus on G&G brand development in global market .Exactly as Linda .Fan refered in her speech “Standing on the threshold of a new era, joined by our friends and partners, we are full of courage and confidence, to grow and win together, and create another legendary decade for us all!" It indicate that G&G is willing and confident on future, even market and consumer demand changing continually ,to create with high quality and high value brand development .



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