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Developing Trend of Canon Business Inkjet Printers


As we all know that most offices use laser printers. However, more and more enterprises consider choosing business inkjet printers due to its rapid development with obvious printing advantages. What's the developing trend of business inkjet printers? Jarek Yang, the product manager of inkjet products, is invited to talk about this issue.


2007, HP released business inkjet printers that equipped with Scalable Printing Technology (SPT), which enables inkjet products to satisfy the high demands of business printing. In 2010, Epson's American company announced the launch of two powerful color business inkjet printers B-310N and B-510DN. Both aimed at business groups and small-sized enterprises by offering high-capacity color printing with excellent and reliable performance. In the meantime, Epson vigorously promoted Workforce series business inkjet printers that cover from entry-level to high-end products. Uncompromisingly, in 2014, Canon launched MAXIFY series printers as its business inkjet printing product lines. In 2016, HP released another business inkjet printer with PageWide technology. All manufacturers' movements segment the inkjet printing market and change the concept that “Inkjet printing is not for business”. It's believed that major manufacturers will reposition their inkjet products lines and lead inkjet printing into business area.


We will take a close look at Canon MAXIFY series Inkjet Business Printers.


Canon named its brand new inkjet business printers as MAXIFY, which was highly promoted in 9 global regions with wide scope and strong power. The MAXIFY series employed pigment ink that not only have outstanding color fastness but also marker and friction resistant, making it perfect for high quality business documents. After two years, Canon introduced another 5 inkjet business printers to its MAXIFY series inEurope. We could anticipatefrom this action that there will be an obvious and strong growth of Canon inkjet business products in the future.


The emergence of inkjet business printers are not only for gaining more market share. Moreover, it is a breakthrough product to help customers work with unprecedented printing experience at a low cost.Now, let us have a detailed comparison of Canon MAXIFY MB5050 (hereinafter referred to as Canon MAXIFY),Epson WorkForce Pro WP4525 (hereinafter referred to as Epson WorkForce), HP OfficeJet Pro 8630 (hereinafter referred to as HP OfficeJet) and HP LaserJet Pro M452dn (hereinafter referred to as HP LaserJet). All of them targeted at same customers groups even though HP LaserJet is laser printers.


We can clearly know from Printer Price chart that Canon
MAXIFY has a moderate price. As to Per Page Cost, Canon
MAXIFY has obvious advantages in cost effectiveness.

From above charts, we can see that Canon MAXIFY is taking a leading position in First-Print-Out time. Its PPM performed better than its previous products and other two inkjet business printers. Considering the huge advantages and popularity of Canon MAXIFY series printers, G&G developed its patented alternative consumables, and the products are well received by the market.


Advantages of G&G products:

1. Equipped with EVERBRITE high-end pigment ink, to make G&G products better in printing performance, rub-resistance, water-proof and scratch-resistance.
2. Products are developed under safe solution with patented structures.
3. Strong R&D team to offer quality products.


Rub Resistance Testing :


Printing Performance Testing:


(* Above tests were under the same testing environment and tested by Ninestar.)


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